Own a Podcast's Top 5 Tips on How to Get Ranked in the Top 5% of Podcasts Worldwide

*By no means is this list complete, it's just for starters!

Consistently post episodes at a minimum once per week without any gaps

Never release an episode unless you have clean and audible sound quality

Push every episode to at least 5 different podcasting platforms or destinations

Consider tying in episode topics relevant to the most newsworthy and trending topics

Monitor episode analytics to see what is working, then create more of that same type of content

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Our Talking Taiwan Podcast won the 2021 Golden Crane Award!

(if you are still unsure or "on the fence" about all of this keep reading on...)

Have You Ever Considered Starting Your Own Podcast?

Likely if your curiosity has brought you here, the answer might be "Yes."

Better yet, if our introductory list of our "Top 5 Tips to Get Ranked in the Top 5% of Podcasts Worldwide" has piqued your interest, or has even intrigued you to want to learn more about podcasting, then you've definitely come to the right place!

It is now a proven fact. With over 2.6 million active podcasts out there, podcasting is the single most powerful way to stay engaged with your audience.

Your engaged listener's who return episode after episode are not only your loyalest fans, they are and will remain (barring you don't commit any unforgivable egregious on-the-air crimes!) to be your best paying customers and strongest advocates.

So if you want to attract more paying customers, through the power of increasing your brand recognition, then PODCASTING IS AN INDISPENSABLE SKILL YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED TO LEARN

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In case you still need further convincing, then keep reading.

Host and Producer of the Talking Taiwan podcast

Award-Winning Producer, Sound Engineer, Editor, Graphics Designer, and Webmaster of the Talking Taiwan podcast

Think about how powerful this actually is. Almost three-quarters of all podcast listeners (75%) today say they listen to learn new things, while 71% say they listen to be entertained. 

With everyone running "on the go" linked to their mobile smart phones, is it any surprise why podcasting is currently the single most accessible and convenient way to learn, and to keep up with the hottest trending topics and breaking news in a given niche.?  

A regularly scheduled podcast is the epicenter of where you can address those current trends in your niche that are catching the lion's share of attention, acknowledge your listener's pain points, and address the challenges and needs of your target audiencethrough captivating dialogue with intriguing guests while keeping them regularly in the loop.

No matter what niche your podcast happens to be representing, there will always be a highly captive audience of enthusiastic buyer's out there who are thirsty for information of the latest events through highly relevant, entertaining, and most of all engaging content.

In closing, your audience is dying to hear what you have to say

So what's stopping you from learning how to execute real "tried and true" proven methods?  Nothing rings more personable than communicating that message to them through podcasting! 

Learn the Art of Podcasting the right way from Felicia and Kaju - the 2021 Golden Crane Award-Winning Team of the Talking Taiwan Podcast - the longest running podcast about Taiwan!

AD MORRIS // Historian

Great podcast for anyone interested in Taiwan!

"Talking Taiwan is an excellent podcast dedicated to investigating every element of Taiwan politics and culture, including the Taiwanese diaspora community. Host Felicia Lin does a wonderful job and is very well prepared for every interview. I have learned a lot from her and the experts from seemingly every conceivable field that she talks to."

Talking Taiwan Now Ranked in Top 5% of all Podcasts in the World

According to Listen Notes, Talking Taiwan is now ranked in the top 5% of the most popular shows out of 3,148,348 podcasts globally.

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"If you want to see what Taiwan and Taiwanese / Taiwanese-Americans are up to, definitely keep up with this podcast! Lots to appreciate and learn!"

The Lintet

 Jazz Musical Artist

"Felicia asks such thoughtful questions and brings out many insights. Great listen!"


NY Times Best Selling Author

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