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What we have learned through our 8 years of podcasting, has enabled us to increase our downloads for our main podcast Talking Taiwan by 443% from January to December 2020.  That is an exponential growth of 45.6% per month!"

Felicia Lin

Talking Taiwan Podcast Creator and Host

Here's What People Are Saying

W.Othello Wang - Doctor

Felicia + Talking Taiwan = Awesome

Thank You so much for having me as a guest on TT not once but twice! This was very fun: a cross between my life and pandemic psychotherapy. You made me feel important and relevant.

Abigail Hing Wen - Best Selling Author

Great Conversations

Felicia asks such thoughtful questions and brings out many insights. Great listen!

GB Chen - Consultant

Great Taiwanese American Perspectives

Felicia is a generous interviewer who is unafraid to let her guests shine. The podcast isn't just about Taiwan, but about how the diaspora (and other diasporas) interact with America and also the world. This podcast is as refreshing as it is genuine.